Pre-School Care

Two Year Old Program

(2 years through 3 years)

Our two-year old program balances nurture and caring with a young child’s need for growing structure and independence. The focus on weekly letters and monthly themes guides teachers as they develop hands-on curriculum where children learn through exploration and discovery.

Our two-year old program is a full-day program. Two-year old children do not need to be potty trained. The teacher/child ratio for this class is 1:8.

For more information, see the Two Year Old Program curriculum.

Three Year Old Program

(2 years 9 months through 4 years; must be potty trained)
Letter recognition, beginning stages of writing, pre-reading skills, concrete math skills, science and dictation are all key pieces to our three-year old program. Classrooms are set up in centers to provide many opportunities for children to practice decision-making and self-help skills in a safe, supportive setting.

The teacher/child ratio for this class is 1:11.

For more information, see the Three Year Old curriculum.

Pre-kindergarten Program

(Must turn 4 by September 1st)
Our program focuses on school readiness by introducing children to specific academic subjects through teacher instruction and lively participation. The balance of teacher-directed and student-directed activities throughout the day is designed to instill a love of learning. Phonics, blending, de-coding, sight words, journal writing and story comprehension are all part of our language arts program. Math concepts are taught and explored with manipulatives and then reinforced through workbooks. Weekly science experiments are directly related to the phonic of the week, as are music and movement.

The teacher/child ratio for this class is 1:11.

For more information, see the Pre-K program curriculum.

Each class offers a wide variety of learning experiences:

  • Learning to be Independent: self-help skills, asserting personal desires
  • Social Development: Peer interaction, taking turns, sharing, kindness, respect
  • Fine Motor Coordination: cutting skills, pincher grasp, correct pencil grip
  • Large Motor Coordination: balance, body awareness, hopping, skipping, catching
  • Language & Listening: extend vocabulary, follow instructions, conversation skills
  • Reading & Writing: letter recognition, phonics, name writing, concepts of print
  • Math: count orally, construct sets, geometric shapes, patterns, write numerals
  • Music and Movement: singing, rhythm, imitate movement and sounds
  • Bible: God created all things, Jesus is God’s son, Jesus is the Savior
  • Spanish: common phrases, objects, colors and numbers
  • Cooking: measure, count, taste
  • Science: changes in the environment, use senses to gain information, scientific process
  • Art: express ideas through drawing, discover color, experiment with materials