Infant/Toddler Care

Infant Program (4 months – 12/15 months)

Our program provides children with the opportunity to make exciting life discoveries with loving and nurturing guidance. We provide a rich environment with music, colors, movement, stimulation and positive encouragement where infants feel safe and loved.

For more information, see the Infant program curriculum.

Toddler Program (12/15 months – 24 months)

Children transition into our toddler room around 15 months. Weekly activities in sensory exploration, language development, art expression, self-help skills and listening skills are all incorporated in a safe, caring and loving environment. The toddlers start attending music and bible classes twice a week and participate in both the Christmas and Spring shows.

For more information, see the Toddler program curriculum.

Our infant/toddler programs each offer a wide variety of learning experiences:

Learning to be Independent: self-help skills, asserting personal desires
Social Development: peer interaction, taking turns, sharing, putting toys away
Fine Motor Coordination: hand/eye coordination, pincher grasp, block stacking
Large Motor Coordination: climbing, balance, body awareness
Language & Listening: using words or sign to express self, recognizing sounds
Music and Movement: singing, rhythm, imitate, sounds
Bible: Jesus loves me, God created everything, stories of Jesus
Math: counting, shapes, size, position
Alphabet: songs and rhyming
Science: changes in the environment
Art: sensory textures, colors, scribbling, exploring with materials