Social Awareness

  • Trust known, caring adults
  • Work on using sounds and gestures with others
  • Recognize he/she is one of many
  • Engage in social interactions with peers and adults
  • Develop friendships
  • Develop autonomy and independence

Cognitive Awareness

  • Explore objects in different ways
  • Understand object permanence
  • Begin understanding between cause and effect
  • Curious about things and try to get things out of reach

Spiritual Awareness

  • Develop an awareness of the name of Jesus and associate him with being loved
  • Associate God and Jesus with loving people and enjoyable activities
  • Feel secure and loved in Christian environment by having physical and emotional needs met by caring adults

Fine Motor

  • Strengthen hand muscles and control including pincher grasp
  • Hand/Eye coordination
  • Pass things from one hand to another

Gross Motor

  • Body awareness
  • Discovering parts of the body and what they do
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Discovering how to use the body to become mobile

Language and Learning

  • Recognize name
  • Use a variety of babbles and sounds
  • Engage in peek-a-boo type games
  • Recognize familiar sounds
  • Experiment with repeating

Reading and Writing

  • Scribble as a stage of early writing
  • Respond to pictures


  • Colors
  • Shape
  • Size


  • Use senses to gain information
  • Observe events and changes in environment
  • Pass things from one hand to another

Music Awareness

  • Identify source of sounds
  • Song recognition
  • Use imitative movement
  • Play simple rhythm instruments


  • Discover color
  • Sensory exploration