Parent Handbook

About Little Bridges

Welcome to Little Bridges! Our mission is to provide a loving, Christian environment that stimulates developmental knowledge and social growth along with the joy of learning. Please feel free to ask questions and give suggestions at any time. We believe that close communications between home and school is vital to a child’s well-being and success in school.

Little Bridges is a ministry to families in the San Ramon Valley. Our goal is to provide a high quality, integrated program in an atmosphere of respect and love where children can develop spiritually as well as intellectually, physically, and socially. Through our curriculum, children experience the wonders of God’s world and develop Christian character and conduct.

We will strive to:

  • Trigger curiosity
  • Spark a sense of wonder
  • Awaken creativity
  • Ignite imagination
  • Arouse the need to know
  • Foster respect and care for others

Our purpose at Little Bridges is to provide a Christ-centered, safe, loving, and stimulating environment for children. Please feel free to visit us at any time. We welcome you to come in and play with us or take part in our program.

Little Bridges is located at 9015 S. Gale Ridge Rd. in San Ramon and is operated out of Canyon Creek’s Church’s 25,000 square foot facility. The mission-style building was completed in the fall of 2006. The design of the church, whose steeple stands tall and houses a cell site, which was created by Shapell Homes to fit in with the architecture of the surround houses. Opened in Fall 2006, Little Bridges Child Care Center provides licensed infant/toddler, preschool, and before/after care for school age (K-5th) programs.

Admissions Procedures

Little Bridges Child Care Center will accept all children it is licensed to serve, without regard to ethnic background, gender, or creed. Children will be enrolled according to availability in the classroom.

People who schedule an appointment are given information about Little Bridges and are provided a brochure about the program and a personal tour of the facility by the director or assistant director. This personal interview provides parents with information about the center’s philosophy, policies, procedures, and programs.

Families who wish to enroll may do so by completing a registration form and paying a non-refundable deposit (registration fee and first month’s tuition). An admissions packet will then be given to the family, which must be fully completed before the child can attend Little Bridges. Tuition rates will be established and adjusted by the board. A written 30-day notice is required to withdraw a child from the program. If the notice is less than 30 days, parents are obligated to pay the full 30 days tuition.

Wait List
If the school is full, a waiting list will be maintained. Families will be notified if spaces become available. Vacancies will be filled from this list in the order they were received. Siblings will be given first priority.

Hours of Operation

The school is open from 7:30am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday. There will be a late charge if your child is left after scheduled hours in the amount of $1.00 for every minute, payable to the teacher upon pick-up of your child.

Holidays Observed: (normal tuition rates apply during holidays)

  • New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and day after
  • Week of Christmas

*Little Bridges Preschool will be closed the two days before the first day of the start of the new school year for staff training/in-service days.

**Schedules are subject to change.

Child Pick Up Policy

It is Little Bridges’ policy and a California State Law that every child must be checked in and out each day. Little Bridges uses an electronic check in/out system called brightwheel. Each authorized pick up person will be given their own individualized 4 digit check-in code. The digital sign-in tracks the time and date of a students’ drop off and pick up and the user who signed them in/out. Parents are responsible for adding any and all authorized pick up people in their childs’ brightwheel profile.

Classroom Placement/Information

Children are placed in classrooms according to age and availability. In special circumstances, children may be placed in a classroom according to their developmental readiness.

Classroom Ages:

  • Infants – 4 months to 12/15 months
  • Toddlers – 12/15 months to 24 months
  • Two year old – 2 years to 3 years
  • Three/four year old – 2.9 years to 4 years (must be potty trained)
  • TK – must turn 4 by September 1st

Classroom Ratios:

  • Infant Room – 8 infants with a 1:4 ratio
  • Toddler Room – 16 toddlers with a 1:4 ratio
  • Two Year Old Room – up to 24 children with a 1:6 ratio
  • Three Year Old Room – up to 22 children with 1:11 ratio
  • TK – up to 14 children with 1:7 ratio

Because we stagger teachers’ hours, there may be a short period of time early in the morning, or late in the afternoon that our ratios are higher than we have set forth; however, we will always be in compliance with state regulations.

For specific information regarding daily schedules, teacher biographies, necessary items for the first day of school, and curriculum overview (if applicable), please contact the school. A welcome and information packet specific for each classroom is available to families during the school tour.


Tuition/Late Fees
Please contact the school for specific tuition information. Little Bridges accepts payments by checks or by automatic direct payments made from your bank. Tuition may be dropped off in the payment box in the front office. Forms for direct tuition payments can also be picked up at the front office.

Tuition is billed monthly through brightwheel. Parents can pay tuition online directly from their brightwheel app using bank account transfers (ACH), credit cards or debit cards. Tuition is due on the first school day of the month, late by the 7th day. A late charge of $50.00 will be assessed if tuition payment is not received when due. Tuition in arrears more than thirty (30) days may result to disenrollment of the child(ren), in addition to the $50.00 late charge. A $30.00 fee will be assessed for returned checks. If collection or legal action is instituted on this contract, parent(s) agree to pay all costs and disbursements including all attorney and legal fees incurred to collect and enforce this indebtedness. Any litigation or civil action concerning this agreement shall be venue in a court of competent jurisdiction in Contra Costa County.

There will be a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $125.00 required in the initial deposit to hold the child’s place in the class enrollment list. A yearly enrollment fee of $125 will be charged each August per family.

Additional fees may be required according to age. Please contact the school for more information.

There will be no make-up days/hours, vacation credits, sick time-off or vacation time-off.

There will be a late charge if your child is left after scheduled hours in the amount of $1.00 for every minute, payable to the teacher upon pick-up of your child.


We provide two snacks a day for our students, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our snacks include juice or milk. If your child has allergies that prevent him/her from eating the snacks we provide, we ask that you send in a substitute snack or drink for your child. A snack calendar is posted every month on brightwheel. Lunches are provided by family from home.

Please Note – Little Bridges is a nut-free school. We ask that families please refrain from bringing foods that contain any nuts including peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts and cashews.

Staff and Curriculum Information

View each program curriculum here.

Our staff meets or exceeds the standards established by California licensing, and have experience working with young children. Each staff member is fingerprinted with Community Care Licensing and cleared prior to beginning work in the classroom. Our staff are nurturing, warm and open to parent input.

Little Bridges Programs

Infant Program (4 months – 12/15 months)
Our program provides children with the opportunity to make exciting life discoveries with loving and nurturing guidance. We provide a rich environment with music, colors, movement, stimulation and positive encouragement where infants feel safe and loved.

Toddler Program (12/15 months – 24 months)
Weekly activities in sensory exploration, language development, art expression, self-help skills and listening skills are all incorporated in a safe, caring and loving environment.

Two-Year Old Program (2 yrs – 2 yrs, 9 months):
Our twos program balances nurture and caring with a young child’s need for growing structure and independence. The focus on weekly letters and monthly themes guides teachers as they develop hands-on curriculum where children learn through exploration and discovery.

Three-Year Old Program (2 yrs, 9 months – 4 years):
Letter recognition, beginning stages of writing, pre-reading skills, concrete math skills, science and dictation are all key pieces to our three year old program. The threes classes uses a Pre-K curriculum. Classrooms are set up in centers to provide many opportunities for children to practice decision-making and self-help skills in a safe, supportive environment.

TK Program (must turn 4 by Sept 1st):
Our TK program is a full-day class that runs from 8:00am – 2:30pm. It focuses on school readiness by introducing children to specific academic subjects through teacher instruction and lively participation. The balance of teacher directed and student directed activities throughout the day is designed to instill a love of learning. The TK program uses a Kindergarten curriculum. Phonics, blending, decoding, sight words, journal writing and story comprehension are all part of our language arts program. Math concepts are taught and explored with manipulatives and then reinforced through workbooks. Weekly science experiments are directly related to the phonic of the week, as are music and movement.

Each class offers a wide variety of learning experiences:

– Learning to be independent: self-help skills, asserting personal desires
– Social Development: Peer interaction, taking turns, sharing, kindness, respect
– Fine Motor Coordination: cutting skills, pincher grasp, correct pencil grip
– Large Motor Coordination: balance, body awareness, hopping, skipping, catching
– Language & Listening: extend vocabulary, follow instructions, conversation skills
– Reading & Writing: letter recognition, phonics, name writing, concept of print
– Math: count orally, construct sets, geometric shapes, patterns, write numerals
– Music & Movement: singing, rhythm, imitate movement and sounds
– Bible: God created all things, Jesus is God’s son, Jesus is the Savior
– Cooking: measure, count, taste
– Science: changes in the environment, use senses to gain information, scientific process
– Art: express ideas through drawing, discover color, experiment with materials

Weekly “Specials”
All preschool programs have weekly “specials” such as Bible and music. An outside enrichment teacher who visits the classroom teaches these specials in 30-minute sessions. Through the music program, an all-school performance is scheduled at Christmas and in the Spring from toddlers through Pre-K. Please see the year-long school calendar for specific dates and times.

Developmental Goals
We have age specific developmental goals for toddlers through TK. The curriculum goals for each classroom are stated as general expectations. Teachers are encouraged to exceed these goals whenever possible for the continued development of the children in their room. Teachers will also adjust the complexity and repetition of activities in the room to suit the needs of the children.

Student Evaluations
Students are evaluated 3 to 4 times a year in the following areas:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Math Readiness
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Speech and Fluency
  • Self-help Skills
  • Reading Readiness
  • Social/Emotional Growth

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year to review your child’s progress. Portfolios are also kept for each child at Little Bridges. Additional conferences may be scheduled with the teacher throughout the year.

Field Trips
Organized classroom field trips are based off of the classroom’s curriculum and parents are encouraged to participate and experience the trip with their children.  Families who choose not to send their child on the field trip must find alternative care for the morning and may drop their child off at Little Bridges at nap time.  All children must wear the Little Bridges school shirt when off-site.  Shirts may be purchased in the office.  Field trip fees are included in each child’s tuition.

School-Age Program:
Little Bridges school-age program provides safe and quality care for children in Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade. A balance of structured activities, free play and individual hands-on exploration makes for an enriching after-school experience. Children have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, drama, science projects, organized group games, homework club, cooking activities, music, outdoor fitness and monthly service learning. Our goal is to instill Christian values through character development, respect for others, self-esteem and community-based projects in fun and meaningful ways.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify Little Bridges of any schedule changes that is not on the San Ramon District calendar. Please also note that Little Bridges does not pick up outside the school’s designated hours (ie: early dismissal for field trip, after school activities, etc.). Children may be dropped off at Little Bridges after their activity, but families must provide their own transportation

Families are responsible for notifying the Little Bridges if their child does not require pick-up.  If your child is not present at the designated pick up area and the family does not contact Little Bridges to cancel a pick-up, a “three strikes” policy will be implemented.  Little Bridges will be contacting the family to confirm that their child does not require transportation.  If a family requires multiple phone calls in a month, a fee of $10.00 will be charged on the third “strike.”

Discipline Policies

At Little Bridges Childcare Center, we believe that discipline is key to learning. Children find security and direction where there is consistent adult guidance and discipline. Little Bridges staff follows a “no time-out” policy. Our teachers use preventative methods of discipline to reduce the likelihood of disruptive behavior. Teachers support children by providing set limits, reminders, encouragement, and acknowledgement of positive behaviors. By routinely recalling rules, teachers help children internalize positive behaviors. Teachers consistently monitor all activities in the classroom and the playground, and give direction clearly, anticipating and reducing the possibility of problems through advance planning and organization. Corporal punishment and other humiliating or frightening techniques are never used.

Teachers will step into a situation quickly and use redirection by directing a child to another activity or whenever possible, natural consequences will be followed through with that are appropriate to the situation and the child’s developmental level. Rules are discussed with all children to make sure they understand. Our goal is to create a safe environment in which a child’s self esteem and skills for expression and conflict resolution are enhanced.

We have a four-step program in place for behavior problems that victimize others:

  1. First Time: The child will be told, very seriously, that this behavior is not allowed. An Incident Report will be written and parents will be notified.
  2. Second Time: An Incident Report will be written and parents will be asked to pick the child up from school. A conference will be held before the child can return to school.
  3. Third Time: An Incident Report will be written and parents will be asked to pick up their child from school. The child will be suspended from school for three days. Parents will be told that if the behavior occurs for the fourth time, the child may be dismissed from school.
  4. Fourth Time: The child may be dismissed from school.

Little Bridges Preschool reserves the right to immediately dismiss the child if, in the school’s sole discretion, it determines that the welfare of the child or school requires such dismissal.

Napping and Resting

All students rest or nap from approximately 1pm to 3pm. Soft music is played, books are read, and backs are rubbed to soothe children. Napping mats are be provided by Little Bridges. Each student must bring their own sheet, blanket, and an optional napping toy. Napping bedding must be taken home every Friday and brought back washed on Monday.

Parent Communication

We believe that close communication between home and school is vital to a child’s well-being and school success. We encourage parental involvement and invite parents to join the classroom at any time. Little Bridges has an “open-door” policy and encourages families to contact the teachers anytime through brightwheel, emails and phone calls if they have any questions. Monthly newsletters will be sent out to update families on upcoming events, reminders, and special announcements.

Shutterfly Class Website: Each classroom has a Shutterfly website where teachers will be posting lesson plans, calendars, reminders, and photos from class activities and field trips. Parents will be invited to join the site when their child starts their specific class and will be removed when they have moved to the next classroom.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Conferences are scheduled twice a year. If necessary, conferences can also be arranged throughout the year.

Classroom White Boards: Each classroom has a whiteboard located at the classroom entrance that is updated daily with an overview of the days activities, learning focus, and upcoming reminders.

Newsletters: Little Bridges publishes a newsletter each month informing all families of upcoming events and school news. A class specific newsletter is also sent home each month from each child’s classroom.

Change of Information
Please be sure to notify the office for any change or updated information including contact information, allergies, special needs, etc.

Emergency Procedures

In case of sickness or an injury that requires a doctor or dentist’s attention, we will do our best to contact you or your emergency contacts. In the event we cannot reach you, we will contact the physician listed on your child’s emergency form. If we cannot reach you or any of your listed contacts, or it is a life-threatening situation, we will call 911 for emergency assistance.

To help our school be prepared for an emergency, we require that each child have an earthquake kit stored at the school. We have a disaster plan in place and regularly practice fire and earthquake drills so that the children also know how to respond in case of an emergency.

You can purchase an emergency kit for $20.00 that contains food and water from us and add a few personal touches or you can prepare the entire kit and bring it to the classroom teacher. In case of evacuations, we will be meeting at Coyote Creek Elementary School located at 8700 North Gale Ridge Road, San Ramon.

Ouch Reports
Teachers will fill out “ouch reports” to report minor injuries such as scratches and bumps. For more serious injuries, an “accident report” will be filled out, recording specific information about the situation. Injuries caused by another student will require an “incident report,” in which both parents of the children involved will be notified of the situation.

Medication Policy

If your child needs to be given medication during center hours, we are required to have the following:

  1. Medication Release Form filled out and signed by the parent
  2. Directions for administering the medication
  3. Medication in the bottle from the pharmacy stating name, dosage, time to be given and any side effects to watch for.

If a child above the age of two and weighing more than 24 pounds needs non-prescription medication (such as Children’s Tylenol or Advil), a doctor’s note is not required. However, all medication, including over-the-counter and prescription medications, for children under the age of two and weighing less than 24 pounds, will only be administered according to written physician instructions.

Incidental Medical Services Plan

Epi Pens, Inhalers, Nebulizers, Diabetic testing and medications will be given with a prescription and according to doctor instructions. They require written parental consent and an individual plan.

  • All Incidental Medical Service (IMS) medications will be stored in a locked container in the preschool office.
  • Epi Pens will be located in the classroom under adult supervision and inaccessible to children.
  • Parents will complete an IMS instruction form prior to the first service given.
  • All medications must be administered in accordance with the pharmacy or manufactures label.
  • Staff administering approved IMS will be trained either by the student’s parent or a professional medical personnel prior to administering any IMS.
  • Safety precautions will be taken (i.e. using gloves, a sharps container, etc.).
  • All necessary disposal equipment will be provided by the student’s parent.
  • An IMS log will be used to record any services given to a student and will include the date, time, and administering staff’s signature.

Health Requirements

The following guidelines have been developed in order to provide a safe, healthy environment for all our students. If a child has one or more of the following symptoms, they will be sent home and not be allowed to return to Little Bridges Preschool until they are symptom free, have been on medication for 24 hours, or have a physician’s release form.

– Fever in excess of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
– Excessive sneezing with cold-like symptoms
– Excessive coughing of difficulty breathing
– Unidentified rash
– Ear infection that has not been treated by a physician
– Vomiting one time with a fever, vomiting two times in one day without a fever
– Diarrhea once in a day with a fever, diarrhea twice in one day without a fever
– Excessive runny nose

If your child has any symptoms of illness not mentioned above (listlessness, pale, flushed, stomach ache, etc.) the staff will contact you to discuss whether or not your child needs to go home. You will need to have three names on file to call if you are not available to pick up your child in case of illness.

Communicable Diseases
Exposure to communicable diseases is reported to parents immediately. We will post a notice in the classroom.

Your child may return to school:

Fever – When fever free for 24 hours without medication
Ringworm – 24 hours after treatment has started
Scabies – 24 hours after treatment has started
Roseola – When rash and fever are gone
Chicken Pox – When the scabs are completely dried
Pinworm – With a doctor’s release form
Impetigo – 24 hours after treatment, sores must be dry or covered
Head Lice – When the nits are completely cleared of hair
Pink Eye – 24 hours after treatment starts
Hand/Foot & Mouth – Dry sores, no mouth sores present, fever free for 24 hours
Strep Throat – 24 hours after treatment has started and fever free

Medication can be brought to school and administered by the child’s teacher. Parents must complete a medication form for Little Bridges staff to administer medication.

As it is not possible to list all illnesses or symptoms, teachers and directors reserve the right to make individual decisions about children needing to go home.

Daily Admittance

The teachers observe children for signs of illnesses upon arrival. Children with any communicable illnesses listed under the “health requirements” of the handbook will be asked to not attend.

The school staff will not allow any child to leave the school with anyone other than his or her parent unless authorized by the parent. Each authorized individual will have their own personalized 4 digit brightwheel PIN to use when signing a child in or out.

Personal Property and Dress Code

Please label your child’s belongs with their names – if an item is misplaced, please check the “lost and found” in the office. Children should not bring toys to school. Little Bridges Preschool is not responsible for lost or broken belongings.

There is no set uniform for your child at Little Bridges Preschool – please have your child in appropriate play clothes. Your child should wear shoes that have grip-soles and all sandals need to be secured by a strap. No flip-flops or thong shoes are allowed.

Each child is required to have a change of clothes in their classroom. Full-day students must provide a crib sheet and small blanket for naptime. Linens will be sent home weekly for cleaning.


Please contact your child’s teacher regarding their birthday and party policies and restrictions. Please also keep in mind that each class has much curriculum and activities to cover in each day – the teacher may require parties to take place at specific times during the day due to daily schedules.

No Sweet Treat Policy

During celebrations in the classroom including birthdays and holidays, we are asking families to provide healthy alternatives to the traditional sweet desserts.  Our goal is to provide examples of healthy eating in the classroom by cutting out sugar and offering other healthy and delicious treats.  Planned cooking projects that may include a sweet treat will be written in advance on the weekly lesson plans. We encourage families to talk to a teacher about fun ways to bring in healthy treats.

Some examples are: yogurt and fruit, muffins (no icing), fruit platter, veggie platter, frozen yogurt.


A calendar containing the year’s overview of events will be sent home each year. This calendar will list important reminders such as holidays/closed days, book fairs, school picture day, etc.

Please contact the school for the most recent school calendar.