Little Bridges Child Care Center will accept all children it is licensed to serve, without regard to ethnic background, gender or creed.

Schedule an appointment for a personal tour of the facility by the Director or Assistant Director. This personal interview provides parents with information about the center’s philosophy, policies, procedures, and programs. It also gives the school an opportunity to understand the state of the child’s health and physical and emotional development, and to assess whether the center can meet the child’s needs.

Families who wish to enroll may do so by completing a registration form and paying a non-refundable deposit (registration fee and first month’s tuition). An admissions packet will then be given to the family, which must be fully completed before the child can attend Little Bridges. Tuition rates will be established and adjusted by the board. There will be no refunds. A written 30-day notice is required to withdraw a child from the program. If the notice is less than 30 days, parents are obligated to pay the full 30 days tuition.

If the school is full, a waiting list (name, telephone, email address, and child’s date of birth) will be maintained. Families will be notified if spaces become available. Vacancies will be filled from this list in the order they were received. Siblings will be given first priority.