July 27, 2020

Dear Little Bridges School Age Families,

The SRVUSD announced this weekend that the first day of school will be moved from Tuesday, August 11th to Thursday August 13th, with the 13th and 14th being half days.

This has caused us to change our plans slightly.

Little Bridges School Age Program for TK through 5th grade students will start on Wednesday, August 12th. Our hours will be 8am – 5pm starting on Wednesday the 12th.

Our plan for Wednesday is to acquaint your children with their new rooms, routines and classmates. Here are a few details for the first day:

  • Class will start promptly at 8am. Classroom teachers will be ready to accept students as early as 7:50. We want to get children into the “school habit” from day 1.
  • Send your child with their devices, headphones, backpacks, any class schedules, log-in information, a lunch, 2 snacks, a water bottle, and a mask (or 2).
  • We are asking all children to have a mask. 3rd through 5th will be required to wear masks inside. Masks will be required for all students when we do things like cooking projects or close contact activity.
  • We will provide personal pencil boxes filled with school supplies.
  • Please bring all school age children to Gate 1 (in the courtyard area by the infant room).
  • Your child will be checked in by our staff “runner” who will take your child’s temperature before escorting them to class.

Before Wednesday, August 12th, you will be receiving an email from your student’s school age teachers. They will include a welcome letter, pictures of your child’s classroom and any class specific details and a Shutterfly invitation.

We are currently transforming the downstairs conference room into a TK/K class. This class has been named the Truthful Tigers and has the email address of truthfultigers@littlebridges.org

Our 1st through 5th grade students will be split between 4 upstairs classrooms. Each upstairs cohort will be broken up into family and grade stable groups. Their email address is schoolage@littlebridges.org.

We will be adjusting and learning right along with you and your children. We have an excellent and professional staff that are dedicated to making your child’s school day productive. Our goal is to keep your children on-task, organized and focused during their “school day” and then to follow that up with a fun and educational afternoon consisting of our regular “after school” program activities.

Jacque Kirk

Yumi Lee